Fears vs. Solutions


Fears Solutions

Before entering into the conversation about Reverse Mortgages it is important to understand that this is a financial tool that many if not all have reservations about. The family home is often the only financial asset that we will ever accure during our lifetime, and having that threatened is the worst case scenario. I’m here to tell you that no matter what, you will not be kicked out of your home, you will not loose what you have worked for your whole life, and we will make sure that you have a legacy to pass on to your loved ones.


Health problems forcing an early retirement Payments from Reverse Mortgage can supplement monthly income
The lean on your home is putting too much pressure you and your loved one to make your payments. Reverse Mortgage! All you need to qualify:

  • Live in the Home as perminant residence
  • Pay HOA fees
  • Have Homeowners Insurance
  • Pay your property tax
Being threatened with forclosure Flexible Payment options available to be paid to borrower
Possibility of being kicked out of your home. All responsibility falls on the lender and is removed from your shoulders.
The properties long term ownership is in doubt. Perminently avoid forclosure.
No income other than Social Security to pay your bills. No monthly payment.
No way to qualify for a loan due to your poor financial standing and often poor credit. You will always have something to offer your beneficiaries, even before you pass away.
Won’t be able to pass property to heirs. Establish equity line enabeling you to gift your heirs up to $14,000.
Draining Savings along with Mounting Debt. See the rewards of a lifetime of work before you pass on.